Our purpose is to maximize teaching and learning
in schools within juvenile justice facilities.

THE CENTER FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE IN ALTERNATIVE SETTINGS ("CEEAS")  is a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to maximize teaching and learning in schools in juvenile justice facilities. Our mission is to help schools in locked facilities implement transformational, student-focused practices designed to significantly improve the life chances of the students they serve.  We envision a future when all students, including those who are incarcerated, will attend schools that value them and provide them with the tools they need to become free, contributing members of our democratic society.

At CEEAS we pride ourselves on providing research-based, practitioner-ready support and training for direct service providers and policy-level organizations. We work with organizations around the country, including a number of state juvenile justice agencies that formed a multi-state consortium with our support, and over a dozen agencies that we help to implement blended learning and technology-enhanced instruction as a lever for reform. We also sponsor a series of nationwide initiatives to bring high quality, relevant curriculum and instructional materials to teachers in secure care settings.

CEEAS has a five-person national practice group.

Effective August 2016, CEEAS began directly running schools in New Orleans. Twenty-six staff now work at the two Travis Hill Schools.


We envision a more just and fair society, where all young people, especially those who are involved in the juvenile or criminal justice system, receive the support, care, and education they need and deserve to realize their full potential and pursue their dreams.


We serve as a catalyst for change in the way institutions and communities support young people in or returning from incarceration. Directly and through partnerships with public agencies and community-based organizations, we –


  • Equip incarcerated and formerly incarcerated young people with the academic, workforce readiness, and social and emotional skills they need to be free, successful, contributing members of their communities.


  • Engage people and institutions to fully welcome and support formerly incarcerated young people back into the community.


  • Educate and empower leaders to adopt and implement policies and programs that promote high-quality education, job readiness, and transition supports for these same young people.


TRUST: We work to earn it every day.

RESILIENCE: Change is hard. We don’t quit.

UNDERSTANDING: This is tough work. We listen.

COLLABORATION: We work with partners, on behalf of students.

CREATIVITY: We believe in its transformative power.

STUDENT FOCUSED: We are committed to doing the right thing by students.

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