Travis Hill Schools at the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center and Orleans Justice Center

The Travis Hill Schools provide students detained at the Orleans Justice Center and the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center with a high quality education, rooted in restorative, trauma-informed care, a curricular and instructional design that emphasizes relevance, meaning and engagement, and an approach to learning centered around relationships, trust and mutual accountability. The Travis Hill Schools also provide significant  transition support for students when they return home by offering support with school placement and retention, workforce development, and ongoing, day-to-day case management.


Through work with families, community partners and scores of individuals, we work to create an unbreakable network of support for court involved teens and young adults that will enable them to return to the community successfully, and positively contribute to the vibrant, creative City of New Orleans.


Travis Hill Schools are supported by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. 


Position Description and Primary Responsibilities

The Transformational Community Coordinator will work directly with the Director of School Operations and Transitions. The Coordinator will be a key member of a small team of Coordinators who together will ensure that each of our students is successfully integrated into the Travis Hill Schools, develops sound plans for transition upon release, and is supported and cared for once they return to their community.  


The Coordinator will report to and be ‘housed’ primarily at one of the Travis Hill School campuses, but will spend approximately 50% of their time working in the community, directly with students, families and key partners.  All of the Coordinators will work closely and collaboratively with other school staff, in particular members of the Student Support Services Team, as well as key personnel from New Orleans Public Schools, the courts, the City and the Sheriff’s Office. 


This is a terrific job for someone who loves working with teens, believes all students deserve a great education, and who has strong communication skills, and has strong ties to the greater New Orleans community, particularly with local schools and youth- and family-serving nonprofits.


The Transformational Community Coordinators have primary responsibility for:

  • Establishing strong, working relationships with local schools, nonprofit youth and family serving agencies, other long-term placement centers, and case management and after-care workers

  • Working carefully to help students and families develop thoughtful school placement plans for students and then providing intensive, support for students to ensure successful placement and transition 

  • Providing updated transcripts and academic records, meeting with officials from potential placement sites and developing detailed, collaborative plans to support students upon release from the OJC or JJIC

  • Accompanying students to schools, as appropriate and necessary, upon release from OJC or JJIC

  • Providing ongoing support to students for up to 12 months once they have left OJC or JJIC; this support may include-

    • Direct student-advocacy and support for students in their community schools--such discipline hearings, IEP meetings, and essential court hearings

    • Direct counseling support to students and their families, while also facilitating and coordinating community-based services

    • Supporting student retention at and completion of school and workforce development programs

    • Crisis management and support

  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date documentation about student progress 

  • Participating in counseling and interdisciplinary team meetings and others as needed, particularly for students with special needs, as a part of transition planning

  • Modeling and contributing to a school culture of hope and high expectations for achievement.

  • Assisting in the classroom and around the School as-needed; this may include facilitating life skills and similar classes and workshops for students enrolled at Travis Hill School

  • Taking on additional tasks and other requests as necessary

  • Maintaining professional  boundaries and operating within Travis Hill School’s ethical guidelines




The Transformational Community Coordinator will be thoroughly committed to CEEAS and the Travis Hill School mission. Candidates should have previous experience working directly with teens and young adults, providing them with coaching, counseling and self-advocacy skills. A proven commitment to social and racial justice work is a must.


Concrete demonstrable experience and other qualifications include:


  • A Bachelor’s degree, with a preference for an advanced degree in counseling or social work

  • Experience working with a nonprofit or community-based organization, providing direct care and case management for teens or young adults

  • A demonstrated willingness to advocate for racial and social justice, as a critical component of one’s work and day-to-day responsibilities

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people, including our students, their family members, volunteers, partnership sites, school personnel, and correctional facility staff

  • Action-oriented, innovative, adaptable, and resilient, with an unrelenting commitment to our students and the New Orleans community

  • Experience or willingness to utilize Restorative Practices

  • Passionate, mission-driven, committed to working with a sense of integrity and strong values, and self-directed and open to feedback with a continuing desire to grow and learn

  • Great time management, ability to handle conflict, and effectively communicate

  • Willingness to adhere to policies and procedures, yet work collaboratively with team to be flexible, open, adaptable to change, and solutions focused

  • Experience with and comfort learning to use a range of software including Google Suites, MS Office, and case management software

  • Strong written communication skills and a commitment to and awareness of the need to communicate frequently, in real time using email, text messages and other communication software

  • A driver’s license and access to reliable transportation, as the Coordinator will frequently need to move about the City and sometimes transport students to and from school, programming, court, home, etc.

  • Willingness to embrace and nurture a culture that will require all staff to work beyond the traditional hours in order to create programmatic norms that make it clear to our students that we care for them, support them, and are there for them, regardless of the hour or situation



CEEAS offers competitive salary and benefits, including health care coverage, and a Simple IRA plan.  Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications and competitive with similar positions at other local, community-based nonprofit organizations of comparable size. 


To Apply

To apply for the Transformational Community Coordinator position, complete the application using the button below.


CEEAS is an equal opportunity employer.  We believe that a diverse staff is a better staff.  Women, persons of color and formerly incarcerated individuals are encouraged to apply. 

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