Travis Hill Schools

The Schools. The Background.

There are two Travis Hill Schools in New Orleans.  One is located inside of the Youth Study Center, the pre-trial detention facility for New Orleans teens, and the other is located inside of the Orleans Justice Center (OJC), the pretrial detention facility for adults (and teens charged as adults).  

At the Travis Hill Schools, we develop transformative educational experiences for students held in confinement and build community support for them when they return home. We equip justice involved teens and young adults with the academic and socio-emotional tools they need to be successful as free, contributing members of our democratic society.  At the same time, we bring people and institutions together to fully welcome and support returning students back into the community.


Through our work, we intend to end juvenile recidivism one student and one community at a time.  

The Travis Hill Schools are run by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS). CEEAS is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving schools in juvenile and criminal justice facilities across the nation.   Additional information about CEEAS and the Travis Hill Schools is available at our website, and

The Schools. The Opportunity.

The Welcoming Project is our new transition support program, launching August 2018, that ensures students leaving the Travis Hill Schools will be successful upon release by providing each with a tribe of supportive volunteers, connecting them to paid internships, and offering educational advocacy and guidance.  The Welcoming Project leverages the power of the community to elevate youth by helping them to find a path forward, develop a passion, and find a reason to hope and aspire.

We are currently looking for an AmeriCorps service member to act as our outreach and recruitment coordinator, for the 2018-19 school year.

Position Description

Through the Welcoming Project, we anticipate bringing thirty to fifty students into the Travis Hill family over the next 12 months, and supporting them through active partnerships with dozens of community based organizations and government agencies and over 150 volunteers.  The outreach coordinator will play a critical role in the start-up of the Welcoming Project by helping us to recruit and form partnerships with volunteers and organizations.


This person will communicate regularly with individuals and community organizations in order to manage volunteer recruitment and conduct outreach to relevant community organizations for partnerships. The overall goal of this position is to coordinate outreach to volunteers and nonprofit organizations interested in supporting our students and providing services.


AmeriCorps positions are 11 month, full-time commitments.  The 11 months of service run September through July. During that period, members are required to serve 40 hours a week and complete 1700 hours of public service.

Primary Responsibilities:

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Conducting outreach to volunteers and community organizations

  • Planning and spreading word of outreach events

  • Contributing your talent, creativity and passion to developing innovative and exciting opportunities for Fellows, taking into consideration the needs and interests of Fellows

  • Creating, distributing, and updating an ongoing database of outreach activities, keeping records of contact, attendance at recruitment events, and outreach successes

  • Developing and maintaining a high level of communication and positive relationships with all stakeholders

  • Responding promptly and professionally to all inquiries

  • Managing administrative assignments effectively and with a high level of professionalism and integrity

  • Modeling and contributing to a culture built on hope and high expectations for achievement

  • Building positive, lasting relationships with Fellows, families, and volunteers

  • Understanding and committing to what it means to be part of a start-up program, and to what it means to work with student who are being released from confinement, including taking on roles and functions that extend beyond those of your listed job responsibilities


Desirable Qualifications and Experiences:

  • Ability to maintain goals and priorities in dealing with varying challenges

  • Ability to be flexible in working with people and organizations of different viewpoints

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including ability to build rapport with a wide range of stakeholders

  • Highly organized and self-motivated

  • Ability to self-reflect and ask for help

  • Firm belief that all students have strengths and talents and that it is our responsibility to help students find these and use them to address weaknesses or overcome fears

  • Embrace and nurture a culture that requires all staff to create an environment filled with hope and high expectations, where Fellows will radically improve their academic, employment and socio-emotional skills

  • Possess an unrelenting belief that all students can achieve and succeed


Salary and Benefits


All AmeriCorps members are eligible for the following:

  • A living stipend of $13,732

  • Forbearance of eligible student loans

  • Health Insurance

  • Childcare


Upon completion of service, AmeriCorps members receive:

  • A Segal Education Award of $5,920 that can be applied to eligible student loans or future student costs.

  • Interest Accrual payment for all eligible student loans

  • Membership in the AmeriCorps Alums Network

  • Access to AmeriCorps Alumni Job Boards and Recruiting Events

  • Additional benefits such as free tax returns and other discounts from national partners


More information about the AmeriCorps position can be found here. All interested applicants will need to apply directly through the Notre Dame AmeriCorps website, after being invited to do so by Travis Hill Schools.


Application Process and Hiring Process:

Applicants must first submit an application to the Travis Hill Schools, below.  This application process will include a review of applicants’ resume/application, a preliminary phone interview, followed by a second phone or in-person interview.  Candidates will then be invited to submit an application to the Notre Dame AmeriCorps in order to finalize their hiring.


At the Travis Hill School, we believe a diverse staff is a better, stronger staff.  Women and people of color are encouraged to apply.