Juvenile Justice intervention Center

The Schools. The Background​.

There are two Travis Hill Schools (THS) in New Orleans.  One is located inside of the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center (JJIC), the detention facility for New Orleans youth who are being held pre-trial, and the other is located inside of the Orleans Justice Center (OJC), the pretrial detention facility for adults (and teens charged as adults).  We currently are looking for a special education paraprofessional to join our staff at the JJIC starting on August 5th, in preparation for the 2019-20 school year. 


The Travis Hill Schools are run by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS). CEEAS is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving schools in juvenile and criminal justice facilities across the nation.  The first Travis School opened in August 2016 at the JJIC. In late August 2017, we opened the Travis Hill School at the Orleans Justice Center (OJC). Additional information about CEEAS and the Travis Hill Schools is available at our website, www.ceeas.org and https://ceeasorg.wixsite.com/travishillschools


The School. The Opportunity​.


Approximately 40 students are detained at the JJIC on a daily basis.  They range in age from 11 to 17 years old. All students attend our school located inside of the JJIC.  Nearly 1,500 individuals are held at the OJC. We operate a full-time school for approximately 50 students between 17 and 21 years old. 


Nearly all the students have faced school failure--many did not attend school regularly when they were younger, most have been suspended or expelled at some point, nearly all of them are far behind their peers academically, and 30-40% of them have special education needs. Despite this, they all have hopes and dreams, skills and talents, and family and friends who care for them.


Our mission at Travis Hill is to create a transformative learning environment where students held at the JJITC or OJC develop the academic and socio-emotional skills they need to become positive, contributing members of their community when they are released.

Position Description​


Our teachers and student support staff play a critical role in establishing the academic foundation and educational climate at our school.  Our schools are small. Every teacher, support specialist, and every instructional minute matters. This is an incredibly rewarding and demanding job--one that requires staff who are fully committed to our students and who are fully invested in doing anything and everything to make education happen there. We are looking for educators who truly believe all students can succeed, who believe that students who are detained or incarcerated deserve the best education possible and who are relentless and won’t stop working when it gets difficult. We want educators who are grounded in doing what is right and just, who are self-reflective, aren’t afraid to ask for help, and who are willing and open to trying new and innovative ways to reach students.


For the right person, this is the perfect job.


We are looking for a special education paraprofessional who has experience working at the middle and high school level, who has some experience and training working with students with significant special needs and related behavioral challenges, who  is open to growing and learning with our team. The ideal candidate is comfortable supporting teachers and working with students across content areas, in a variety of teaching situations, including small group, one-on-one and push-in and pull-out scenarios. The special education paraprofessional will work with our team of teachers and with the Directors of Student Support and Academics and Culture, ensuring that we provide support for all students, including those with special needs, in line with our School’s values and in compliance with IDEA.


Primary Responsibilities:


  • Providing conflict resolution intervention based in restorative practices 

  • Providing assistance and support in designing, implementing and monitoring behavior intervention plans

  • Supporting students in engaging in the project and theme-based modules that define the school-wide curricular framework at the Travis Hill School

  • Supporting students in utilizing assistive technology and blended learning tools, in order to make learning accessible, relevant, engaging, targeted and student centered

  • Contributing to a classroom and school environment that features a rich diversity of resources, engages student interest, promotes student leadership and stimulates student learning

  • Implementing classroom and school-wide positive, incentive based plans designed to promote prosocial, achievement oriented, and values centered student behavior

  • Developing and maintaining productive working relationships with JJIC secure care staff—both in school and by participating in agreed to activities and meetings

  • Working with the Director of Student Support & Special Education to develop sound academic plans for students with special needs

  • Participating in IEP team meetings, treatment team meetings and other related administrative meetings in support of students

  • Providing one-on-one and small group instruction to students, either by ‘pushing in’ and supporting students within their classroom setting, or through pull-outs and tutorial settings—both to meet agreed-to IEP goals and to address the reading and literacy needs of students

  • Modeling and directly teaching social skills and pro social behaviors, as determined by the students’ individualized education program (IEP) plans and by employing techniques aligned with the THS philosophy of positive behavioral support and restorative practices

  • Maintaining accurate and complete student records and preparing reports on student progress and activities 

  • Supporting other teachers--both formally and informally--with strategies and tools to help them meet the wide-ranging needs of students

  • Modeling and contributing to a school culture built on hope and high expectations for educational achievement

  • Building positive, lasting relationships with students and families as well as key student support networks, including, volunteers, local attorneys, case management and after care staff

  • Contributing your talent, creativity and passion to enrich the range of academic and enrichment activities that THS can offer to students in our care

  • Understanding and committing to what it means to work with students who are detained, including taking on roles and functions that extend beyond those of a traditional educator working in a traditional environment


 Additional Qualifications and Experiences:

  • One or more years of experience working with students with significant academic and socio-emotional challenges--and supporting them to achieve at high levels

  • Experience working directly with high needs students, in a support, tutorial or similar role

  • Associates Degree or similar, with a preference for post-secondary coursework or training in a field related to youth development, counseling or education

  • Strong organizational and administrative skills; willingness to learn the specific guidelines and expectations related to complying with IDEA 

  • Interest in using technology and blended learning

  • An unyielding belief that with the appropriate supports, coupled with high expectations, all students can significantly improve their academic skills, and can develop prosocial skills and habits that will enable them to succeed at school and beyond

  • Firm belief that all students have strengths and talents and that caring professionals can help students find these and use them to address weaknesses or overcome fears

  • Embrace and nurture a school culture that requires all staff to work flexibly outside the traditional school hours and school year in order to create an environment filled with hope and high expectations, where students will radically improve their academic, interpersonal, and socio-emotional skills

  • Possess an unrelenting belief that all students can achieve and succeed


Salary and Benefits


CEEAS offers Travis Hill staff a competitive salary and benefits package.  Our teacher and student support salaries are on par with local schools, adjusted for our increased academic year, and based on skills and experience. 


CEEAS offers a Simple IRA plan for all staff, and provides a 3% employer contribution once staff has worked for six months. CEEAS provides health care coverage for all staff and covers approximately 80% of the monthly premiums and 50% for dependents of employees. 


The paraprofessional special education position is a 12 month, full-time position,that runs through the summer, with specified school holidays when staff are off.

CEEAS is an equal opportunity employer.  We believe that a diverse staff is a better staff.  Women and persons of color are encouraged to apply to work with us at the Travis Hill Schools.


For additional information about CEEAS and the Travis Hill Schools,
please visit our website at www.ceeas.org.


Effective: July 23, 2019