The Welcoming Project & Travis Hill School

Travis Hill NOLA.  Mission, Background

At Travis Hill NOLA we equip system-involved young people with the academic, workforce readiness, and social and emotional skills they need to be free, successful, contributing members of the New Orleans community. Our work at Travis Hill NOLA includes the Travis Hill Schools and the Welcoming Project. 


At the Travis Hill Schools, located inside of the City’s juvenile detention center and adult jail, we provide teens and young adults with a top notch education that is relevant, meaningful and designed to help students re-engage with school, both while detained and upon release.  


Upon release, we embrace Travis Hill students through the Welcoming Project, our transition support and community engagement initiative.  At the Welcoming Project we surround students with a team of caring adults, help them develop and pursue a passion, and offer unrelenting support and care for up to five years. 


At Travis Hill NOLA, we see our students as fully worthy of our collective embrace; young people who, with love and support, will make the great city of New Orleans even better, now and in the future.  


The Travis Hill NOLA is run by the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS). CEEAS is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving schools in juvenile and criminal justice facilities across the nation.  The first Travis Hill School opened in August 2016 at the Youth Study Center (YSC). In late August 2017, we opened the Travis Hill School at the Orleans Justice Center (OJC). We started the Welcoming Project in the fall of 2018. Additional information about CEEAS and Travis Hill NOLA is available at our websites, and

Position Description​


This is multi-faceted position that will hold an important role at the Travis Hill Schools and the Welcoming Project.  At Travis Hill we work with many of the City’s most at-risk and neglected teens and young adults. We believe in our students, and are committed to helping them develop the skills they need to be successful.  We also believe they have a lot to share and that their voices and stories deserve to be heard. Many of our students face immense challenges, and are persevering and succeeding in spite of those hurdles. Our students are talented and creative.  They have hopes and dreams. The systems that impact our students are often not fair nor well-designed to meet their needs and help them find their way. At Travis Hill we want our students to enjoy school, to develop a passion for learning. We want them to thrive when they return home from detention, to resist and challenge injustice; we want them to be heard and listened to, to have the skills and confidence to express themselves, in words, through art and music, through their day-to-day acts.


This position is responsible for working with our students and School and Welcoming Project leadership in support of these goals and beliefs.  A significant portion of this position’s work will be directly with students (and teachers), helping them develop and amplify their voices.


Related, at Travis Hill, we are committed to improving our communication and social media presence.  In addition to ensuring that our students are heard, we owe it to them to advocate and fight for what is right and just, to disseminate widely good news and share hidden truths that often are not well known about the juvenile and criminal justice systems.  This position is responsible for working with our School and Welcoming Project leadership on these areas, as well. This portion of this position’s work will be more ‘traditional’ communications and social media work.


This is a rewarding and demanding job--one that requires someone who is fully committed to our students and who is fully invested in doing anything and everything to ensure that our students are heard, that our message and their stories are getting out.  We are looking for someone who truly believes all students can succeed, who believes that students who are detained or incarcerated deserve the best education possible, who believes that their stories matter, and who is relentless and won’t stop working when it gets difficult. 


At Travis Hill we want people who are grounded in doing what is right and just, who are self-reflective, aren’t afraid to ask for help and who are willing and open to trying new and innovative ways to reach students and to ensure they are not forgotten merely because they are locked up or system-involved.


For the right person, this is a terrific job.


Primary Responsibilities:


Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Working directly with Travis Hill students (both while at the school and at the Welcoming Project) to create high quality products that amplify their voice; disseminating and sharing these products using social media and more traditional communications and media tools

  • Working with students and Travis Hill NOLA staff to help students develop their own communication and social media skills through the production of ‘real’ products (i.e., creating podcasts or a radio show, an online art and poetry magazine, an  e-newspaper)

  • Identify and draft stories for dissemination about Travis Hill NOLA (and related topics and organizations), primarily via social media, our website and newsletters.

 Additional Qualifications and Experiences:


  • One or more years of teaching experience or direct work with middle or high school students, with a preference for someone with experience as an English or writing teacher

  • One or more years work as a communications and/or social media specialist 

  • Expertise with social media platforms including facebook, instagram and twitter

  • Strong writing, editing, and copy-editing skills

  • Comfort working with a range of technology tools including Google Suites, Microsoft Office, Mailchimp, Canva, S’more, Wix, and other sound, photo and video editing tools

  • Facility with learning new software and technology-related skills and a growth mindset related to technology and communication tools

  • Attention to detail and strong project management skills

  • An unyielding belief that with the appropriate supports, coupled with high expectations, all students can significantly improve their academic skills, and can develop prosocial skills and habits that will enable them to succeed at school and beyond

  • Embrace and nurture a culture that requires all staff to work beyond the traditional hours in order to create an environment filled with hope and high expectations, where students will radically improve their academic, employment and socio-emotional skills

  • A commitment to our students and authentically amplifying their voices, their stories, and their humanity through a unique communications and social media strategy


Salary and Benefits


CEEAS offers Travis Hill NOLA staff a competitive salary and benefits package on par with local nonprofits based in the New Orleans metropolitan area.   Our salaries are on par with local schools and nonprofit organizations.  CEEAS offers a Simple IRA plan for all staff, and provides a 3% employer contribution once staff has worked for six months. CEEAS provides health care coverage for all staff and covers approximately 80% of the monthly premiums and 50% for dependents of employees. 


This position is a 12 month, full-time position, that runs through the summer.  

CEEAS is an equal opportunity employer.  We believe that a diverse staff is a better staff.  Women and persons of color are encouraged to apply to work with us at Travis Hill NOLA.


For additional information about CEEAS and Travis Hill NOLA,
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Effective: July 23, 2019