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Engage, teach, and learn with a Fellow

What does a Welcoming Project Champion do?


Welcoming Project Champions cultivate deep, intentional, and lasting relationships with student Fellows.  Together with Allies and program staff, Champions form an unrelenting tribe of supporters around each Fellow and become a source of consistency, stability, motivation, and encouragement.  Champions engage Fellows in the typical activities you would expect from any role model or supportive adult. They can give rides to appointments, accompany a Fellow as he/she enrolls in school, attend a community event or sports game, help with homework, offer advice on relationships, or go out for a meal or coffee break.  Champions also troubleshoot and help Fellows navigate real challenges that may come up related to school, court matters, housing, and healthcare. While Champions schedule independent one-on-one activities with Fellows, the Welcoming Project will also host regularly scheduled tribe activities.


Through participating in the Welcoming Project, Champions grow personally and professionally by being part of our community.  Champions are trained and guided as they work with their Fellows and have the opportunity to build relationships not only with Fellows but also with our Allies throughout the larger New Orleans community.


What is the time commitment for a Champion?


We ask Champions to connect with their Fellow at least once a week and that they commit to doing so for one year.  Think of it as making a new friend—the effort you put forward in maintaining that friendship is similar to the commitment you would be making as a Champion.  Establishing a mutual and meaningful relationship takes time, so the more conversations and experiences you have together with your Fellow, the stronger your relationship will grow, and the more each of you will grow personally.  

What do I do next if I want to become a Champion or learn more?

To learn more about becoming a Champion with the Welcoming Project, complete the form below.  We have additional training that we provide to potential Champions where you can learn more!


How do internships fit in with the Welcoming Project?


Internships are a core aspect of the Welcoming Project and instrumental in helping our Fellows cultivate their passion and aspirational dreams.  At the Welcoming Project, we want to connect our Fellows to internships that truly speak to their interests and passions.


As an internship site for a Welcoming Project Fellow, your organization will be instrumental in supporting our Fellows as they forge a path toward better economic and personal outcomes. You also will join with other internship sites in strengthening the broader New Orleans community by providing system-involved teens and young adults the opportunity to become contributing members of the New Orleans economy.  Internship sites can range from a community-based art center to a startup technology firm to a company working in the construction/design field. Join a group of socially conscious corporations and organizations committed to welcoming Fellows into the workplace by helping them develop career-ready skills, pursue their entrepreneurial talents, and find a passion and purpose.


What is expected of an Internship Site?


We ask our Internship Sites to:

  • Identify a site-based Champion:  We ask sites to identify an employee to serve as the site-based Champion.  The site-based Champion guides your Fellow, coordinates and supports their work, and serves as a site supervisor.  

  • Design meaningful work-based opportunities for your Fellow:  We ask that sites work with us to design projects and work experiences that will work for teens who are new to the world of work.  

  • Offer steady, consistent work-based opportunities: We ask our internship sites to offer positions that include approximately 5-15 hours of work per week.

Communicate closely with your Tribe Coordinator and Fellow:  It is critical that Fellows are both supported and held accountable and that we stay in touch in real time.  



How do Fellows get paid?  Do internship sites pay Fellows or do the Welcoming Project? 


Fellows will receive a stipend for their successful involvement in the Welcoming Project.  We work with each Fellow and each Internship site to establish how this works. In most cases, Internship sites do not have to fund the Fellow’s stipend. 



What are the benefits of partnering with the Welcoming Project to Host a Fellow?


Our Fellows are talented, creative, and craving a chance to grow and learn.  Many have not had a chance to work, earn money, improve their skills, or be a part of a successful work-based team.  By becoming an Internship Site, you and your organization get to work directly with a justice involved teen or young adult, helping them experience first-hand what being successful at work feels like.


Individually and collectively, internship sites are making a statement: We welcome justice involved teens and young adults into our workplace and our community; we care about you and your future; we are committed to your success.  That is a message our City needs to send and our Fellows need to hear.


How do we sign up to be an Internship Site or learn more?


To learn more about becoming an Internship Site with the Welcoming Project, complete the form below.  We have additional training that we provide to potential Internship Sites where you can learn more!

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