Share a passion, skill or talent with a Fellow

What does a Welcoming Project Champion do?


Welcoming Project Champions cultivate deep, intentional, and lasting relationships with student Fellows.  Together with Allies and program staff, Champions form an unrelenting tribe of supporters around each Fellow and become a source of consistency, stability, motivation, and encouragement.  Champions engage Fellows in the typical activities you would expect from any role model or supportive adult. They can give rides to appointments, accompany a Fellow as he/she enrolls in school, attend a community event or sports game, help with homework, offer advice on relationships, or go out for a meal or coffee break.  Champions also troubleshoot and help Fellows navigate real challenges that may come up related to school, court matters, housing, and healthcare. While Champions schedule independent one-on-one activities with Fellows, the Welcoming Project will also host regularly scheduled tribe activities.


Through participating in the Welcoming Project, Champions grow personally and professionally by being part of our community.  Champions are trained and guided as they work with their Fellows and have the opportunity to build relationships not only with Fellows but also with our Allies throughout the larger New Orleans community.


What is the time commitment for a Champion?


We ask Champions to connect with their Fellow at least once a week and that they commit to doing so for one year.  Think of it as making a new friend—the effort you put forward in maintaining that friendship is similar to the commitment you would be making as a Champion.  Establishing a mutual and meaningful relationship takes time, so the more conversations and experiences you have together with your Fellow, the stronger your relationship will grow, and the more each of you will grow personally.  

What do I do next if I want to become a Champion or learn more?

To learn more about becoming a Champion with the Welcoming Project, complete the form below.  We have additional training that we provide to potential Champions where you can learn more!


Do you have more ideas about how you can get involved and support one of our Fellows, Tribe Coordinators, Champions, Allies, and/or the entire Welcoming Project? Please use the form below to share your thoughts and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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