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Travis Hill Schools

The School. The Background.​


The Travis Hill Schools provide students detained at the Orleans Justice Center (OJC) and the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center (JJIC) with a high-quality education, rooted in restorative, trauma-informed care, a curricular and instructional design that emphasizes relevance, meaning, and engagement, and an approach to learning-centered around relationships, trust, and mutual accountability. The Travis Hill Schools also provide significant transition support for students when they return home by offering support with school placement and retention, workforce development, and ongoing, day-to-day case management.


We are currently looking for a Special Education Coordinator.


The Travis Hill Schools are run by BreakFree Education. BreakFree Education is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving schools in juvenile and criminal justice facilities across the nation. The first Travis School opened in August 2016 at the Youth Study Center (YSC), which was later named the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center (JJIC).  In late August 2017, we opened the Travis Hill School at the Orleans Justice Center (OJC). Additional information about BreakFree and the Travis Hill Schools is available at our website, and


The School. The Opportunity​.


Approximately 40 students are detained at the JJIC on a daily basis.  They range in age from 11 to 18 years old.  All students attend our school located inside of the JJIC.  Nearly 1,500 individuals are held at the OJC.  We operate a full-time school for approximately 70 students between 18 and 21 years old. 


Nearly all the students have faced school failure--many did not attend school regularly when they were younger, most have been suspended or expelled at some point, nearly all of them are far behind their peers academically, and 30-40% of them have special education needs. Despite this, they all have hopes and dreams, skills and talents, and family and friends who care for them.


Our mission at Travis Hill is to create a transformative learning environment where students held at the JJIC or OJC develop the academic and socio-emotional skills they need to become positive, contributing members of their community when they are released.


Position Description​


The Special Education Coordinator will be a cross-campus position, responsible for coordinating the eligibility and the development of Individual Education Plans for students with identified or suspected special education needs, coordinating with related service providers and monitoring progress toward IEP goals.  Additional responsibilities include working in a complex system and responding appropriately to multiple official and unofficial partners, including parents, staff, NOLA-PS, LDOE,  the city, and other collaborating agencies, schools and advocacy groups. This position reports to the Chief Academic Officer. For the right person, this is an ideal job.


Primary Responsibilities

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Working with the Chief Academic Officer and the school staff to ensure all Travis Hill students receive the support necessary for their academic and socio-emotional development. 

  • Directing processes to locate student files and IEPs, IAPs, and EL Accommodation plans.

  • Participating in and/or leading a variety of interdisciplinary team meetings, including eligibility, IEP, SAT, MDRs or administrative planning meetings related to Special Education, as necessary

  • Assuring that specialized instruction is provided per student IEPs (including monitoring related service providers), monitoring progress toward IEP goals, providing suggestions to teachers regarding classroom accommodations for diverse learners in their classes. 

  • Reviewing IEPs, assisting IEP teams in determining special education students’ educational and psychological needs, developing appropriate school schedules and programming

  • Establishing and monitoring the necessary caseloads, procedures, and resources to manage educational and supplemental services to students, in line with student IEPs

  • Assisting in compiling functional behavior assessments as needed

  • Managing the performance of members of the Special Education team to ensure that scholars’ special education needs are identified and addressed and that the school is meeting its compliance and documentation requirements. 

  • Maintaining accurate, compliant, and up to date student records for students with IEPs, IAPs, and EL accommodation plans.

  • Supporting professional development training to address differentiated instructional needs and educational modifications for all students

  • Providing direct special education instruction and supporting a small caseload of students with IEPs when needed.

  • Lead the gathering, submission of all records and pertinent information as requested for internal and external special education program audits.


Desirable Qualifications and Experience:

  • B.A. or Master’s degree in Special Education or related field

  • Special Education Certification

  • Minimum of three to five years of Special Education experience

  • Experience using the state special education reporting system (ser).

  • Knowledge of special education programs and special education laws and reforms

  • An expert understanding of the IEP process

  • The ability to work collaboratively and effectively with school personnel at all levels, as well as with students, parents, and all stakeholders

  • The ability to understand and interpret special education laws/guidelines with minimal assistance

  • Excellent written, oral communication and computer skills 

  • Strong organizational, time management and human relation skills

  • The ability to accurately compile and access data, summarize information and provide written reports.    

  • A commitment to creating, supporting and being a part of a professional learning community, one that focuses on results and continuous improvement

  • Embrace a school culture that requires all staff to work beyond the traditional school hours and school year in order to create an environment filled with hope and high expectations, where students will radically improve their academic, employment and social skills

  • Possess an unrelenting belief that all students can achieve and succeed.


Salary and Benefits


BreakFree will be offering staff at THS a competitive salary and benefits package.  Salary for the Special Education Coordinator position will be on par with similar school-based positions in the New Orleans area. BreakFree offers a 401k plan to all full-time staff and matches employee contributions up to 4% once staff has worked for one year. BreakFree provides health coverage for all full-time staff and covers approximately 80% of the monthly premiums.  



The Special Education Coordinator is a 12-month, full-time position.  In addition to school holidays and school closed days, the Coordinator or is eligible for an agreed to number of paid vacation days.



BreakFree is an equal opportunity employer.  We believe that a diverse staff is a better staff.  Women and persons of color are encouraged to apply to work at the Travis Hill School.


For additional information about BreakFree, please visit our website at

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