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BreakFree Education operates the school inside of the New Orleans juvenile detention center (called New Orleans Juvenile Justice Intervention Center, or JJIC) and New Orleans adult jail (called the Orleans Justice Center, or OJC).  We operate these schools through an agreement with New Orleans Public Schools.  We have operated the school at JJIC since August of 2016 and at OJC since August 2017. 

As a team, our staff elected to name the school the Travis Hill School, after the New Orleans musician and youth advocate. At Travis Hill, we have achieved some significant outcomes with our students.  Below we have highlighted some of these achievements.


Each year the state of Louisiana issues School Performance Scores for public schools, which are based on student achievement data.  In 2018-2019, the state revised its accountability structure to enable it to better assess the performance of alternative schools. Based on these measures (see below), Travis Hill Schools received several important commendations based on our students’ performance. 

  • Travis Hill Schools was the only school located in a detention or correctional setting in Louisiana to score a passing grade on its State Report Card.


  • Travis Hill Schools was ranked as the fourth-highest alternative school in the state.

  • Travis Hill Schools was the only alternative school in the state to be named an Equity Honoree.  Equity Honoree schools performed in the 90th percentile or above for students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, and/or English learners.  

  • Travis Hill Schools is one of 6 alternative schools in the state, and the only one in New Orleans, to earn a B on the Progress Index, which measures students’ growth, year-to-year, on state assessments.

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At Travis Hill, we value the feedback from our students and parents.  Some highlights of our 2018 end-of-year survey include--


Parents feel good about the education their children are getting while at Travis Hill.

  • Over 90% of our parents rated their children’s experience at Travis Hill as Excellent or Good

  • Over 70% of our parents rated Travis Hill school better than the school their child attended prior to being detained


Travis Hill students feel respected, safe and prepared for their next challenge.

  • Over 80% of our students commented that they feel well respected by the teachers and school staff

  • Over 75% of our students said they feel safe and cared for at Travis Hill (even though the schools are located in a juvenile detention center and adult jail)

  • Over 90% of our students reported that they feel prepared to succeed when they are released and return to school in the community




"Once I got locked up, I never thought I would be graduating from high school...  But life is like a marathon. It doesn’t matter how you start or how you finish. It’s about every foot, block and mile in between that gets you to the finish line. Some may trip, some may fall down. Some may get distracted and wander onto another path. But as long as we continue to run. Run towards success. Run towards a future. Run towards our dreams. As long as we continue moving forward, we’ll never lose."  

- December 2018 Travis Hill School Graduate

“You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.”

-Travis Hill School Parent (June 2018 survey)

The Travis Hill Schools

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