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Principal (24-25 School year)

Special Educator (24-25 School year)

General Educator (24-25 School year)

Foreign Language Teacher (24-25 School year)


A Chance to Be a Part of Educational Transformation at the Travis Hill Schools and Beyond:  We envision a future when all students, including those who are incarcerated, will attend schools that value them and provide them with the tools they need to become free, contributing members of our democratic society. The Travis Hill Schools are supported by BreakFree Education, which works with juvenile justice agencies and their education partners around the country. Working at the Travis Hill Schools will be very student and New Orleans focused, but the work will also have an impact nationwide as a part of BreakFrees' commitment to transform education in juvenile and criminal justice facilities around the country.


A Competitive Salary, Benefits: BreakFree Education offers staff at the Travis Hill Schools a competitive salary and benefits package. Salaries are on par with education salaries in the greater New Orleans region, adjusted for our school calendar. Most staff will work on a modified 12 month calendar, but many teachers will have the option to work a 10.5 month schedule. BreakFree offers a Simple IRA plan (similar to a 403b plan) with a 3% employer match after six months. BreakFree provides health coverage to all full-time staff, and covers approximately 80% of the monthly premiums.  


Opportunities to Grow and Develop: In addition, Travis Hill School staff will have opportunities to develop professionally. BreakFree is a leader in the movement to reform and improve schools in juvenile justice facilities around the country.  Travis Hill School staff will work closely with BreakFree's national training team, and will have the opportunity to share practices that are working at Travis Hill more broadly.


People Who Believe in Our Students: Students attending schools in juvenile and adult detention facilities historically have been terribly served. The list of failures is now well documented: low academic expectations, curricula that are neither relevant nor rigorous, insufficient focus on literacy, inattention to social-emotional wellness, poor special education services, little or no emphasis on career preparation, poor or nonexistent transition planning and support, and a deficit approach that views incarcerated teens and young adults solely as problems to be fixed.  

What our students need is something radically different. They need the best teachers, best counselors, best curricula, best literacy programs, and best transition and community reintegration planning. Most of all, they need people and institutions who believe in them, their future, and their inherent value as young adults--who are willing to work tirelessly to make those beliefs hold true.


Positions at the Travis Hill Schools will be filled on a rolling basis. You will receive an immediate notification once your application has been submitted. Once we have reviewed your application, we will reach out to you shortly if we are interested in scheduling a phone interview. In order to increase your chances of being selected for a given position we recommend that you submit your online application as early as possible--and that you be as thorough as you can with your application materials.


We highly encourage you to complete your application with a high level of thoughtfulness, detail, and excellence. While we feel very fortunate to receive each and every application from interested candidates, we will not be able to provide feedback for candidates who do not move beyond the screening stages of the application process.​

* Candidates who make it to the final stages of the application process will have their professional references checked and will undergo a criminal background check.


Getting the best staff on board is critical right off the bat. We are committed to evaluating potential staff thoroughly. The graphic to the right outlines our hiring process: 

Step 1: Application Submission

Step 2: Phone Interview

Step 3: In-person Interview

Step 4: Performance Demonstration

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