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Travis Hill Rises

Our mission at the Travis Hill Schools is to create a transformative learning environment where students held in confinement develop the academic and socio-emotional skills they need to become positive, contributing members of the New Orleans community when they are released. Since opening in 2016, the school has supported over 20 young people in earning a high school diploma and many more in becoming re-invested in their education and their future. Through the Travis Hill Rises program students will be supported upon their return to the community to allow for a successful transition home and begin the work of reducing the recidivism rate. The program consists of the following components:

  • Advocacy: Due to institutional racism that is embedded in the justice system, our students often are treated unfairly and do not receive adequate representation. Travis Hill Rises team members will support students with understanding their court cases and by communicating information to their attorneys which could assist them in court such as school records and student awards.

  • Coordination of support: Travis Hill Rises team members will assist young people with connecting to meaningful programming and resources that will aid them in being successful in the community. This can include school/community extracurricular programming, mental health services, medical care; etc.

  • Educational transition: The Travis Hill Rises team will assist students with having a seamless transition from the Travis Hill School. The team will ensure the timely transfer of school records, assist the student with (re)entry to a community school. Also, the team will attend the student's (re)entry meeting to ensure that the school has a plan to meet the student’s educational needs. 

  • Employment assistance: Travis Hill Rises has a transformation pathways coordinator who will connect Travis Hill students to meaningful internships, jobs, job training programs, college, and career counseling as needed.

Through Travis Hill Rises, we will ensure that students who leave the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center or the Orleans Justice Center and return to the New Orleans community, either directly or by way of a long-term facility, experience success on their terms. We want students to attend Travis Hill School one time only--because we want that one experience at Travis Hill, coupled with the support put in place through the Travis Hill Rises program, to be so strong, meaningful, and sustaining that students go on to find success in their community, school, work, and life. 

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