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BreakFree Education and the Travis Hill School

The School


The Travis Hill School provides students detained at the Orleans Justice Center and the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center with a high-quality education, rooted in restorative practices, trauma-informed care, a curricular and instructional design that emphasizes relevance, meaning, and engagement, and an approach to learning centered around relationships, trust and mutual accountability. The Travis Hill School also provides significant transition support for students when they return home by offering support with school placement and retention, workforce development, and ongoing, day-to-day case management.


Through work with families, community partners, and scores of individuals, we work to create an unbreakable network of support for court-involved teens and young adults that will enable them to return to the community successfully, and positively contribute to the vibrant, creative City of New Orleans.


Travis Hill School is supported by BreakFree Education, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization.


The Opportunity​

Approximately 40 students are detained at the JJIC on a daily basis.  They range in age from 11 to 17 years old.  All students attend our school located inside of the JJIC.  Nearly 1,100 individuals are held at the OJC.  We operate a full-time school for approximately 70 students between 18 and 21 years old.


Nearly all the students have faced school failure--many did not attend school regularly when they were younger, most have been suspended or expelled at some point, nearly all of them are far behind their peers academically, and 30-40% of them have special education needs. Despite this, they all have hopes and dreams, skills and talents, and family and friends who care for them.


Our mission at Travis Hill is to create a transformative learning environment where students held at the JJIC or OJC develop the academic and socio-emotional skills they need to become positive, contributing members of their community when they are released.


Position Description ​and Primary Responsibilities 


  • We are looking for a Recruiter with full-cycle recruiting experience, from talent sourcing and attracting candidates to interviewing and hiring great employees

  • The recruiter will collaborate and work closely with the leadership at THS and BFE during the hiring process

  • Must be able to attract candidates using various sources, like social media networks and referrals. 

  • The Recruiter will design and implement the overall recruiting strategy and track applicants on the Jazz HR program 

  • Develop and update job descriptions and job specifications 

  • Prepare recruitment materials and post jobs 

  • Source and recruit candidates by using databases, social media, etc.

  • Work with the Travis Hill School’s Director and Administrative Manager to create and manage active social media and traditional media strategies designed to increase awareness of and employment opportunities at Travis Hill School in the broader education community in New Orleans and beyond.  

    • This may include social media postings on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter and additional creative approaches to increase exposure including advertising on billboards, trolley cars, radio, and beyond.

  • Screen candidates' resumes and job applications 

  • Conduct interviews using various reliable recruiting and selection tools/methods to filter candidates within schedule 

  • Assess applicants’ relevant knowledge, technical skills, soft skills, experience, and aptitudes 

  • Act as a point of contact and build influential candidate relationships during the selection process 

  • Ensure that our applicant pool shares our vision and mission


Desirable Qualifications and Experience:

  • Experience working in the recruiting/HR field 

  • Experience as a Recruiter (either an in-house recruiter or a staffing agency recruiter) 

  • Solid ability to conduct different types of interviews

  • Hands on experience with various selection processes (phone interviewing, reference checks, etc) 

  • Familiarity with the education landscape in New Orleans specifically and more generally, as well

  • Previous work experience in the education sector, as a teacher or otherwise

  • Excellent communication (writing and speaking) organization and interpersonal skills 

  • Proficiency with Google Suite and Microsoft Windows; comfort with and aptitude for learning a range of widely accessible software and digital media tools (Canva, Mailchimp, nounproject); facility with social media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter) and traditional media and communication platforms


Salary and Benefits 

This is an hourly position.  Pay is $35-$45/hour. This is a 3-4  month, part time position.  Hours may vary, but we estimate it to be about 20 hours a week for the spring and early summer, 2022.


BreakFree Education is an equal opportunity employer.  We believe that a diverse staff is a better staff.  Women and persons of color are encouraged to apply to work with us at the Travis Hill Schools.  For additional information about BreakFree Education, please visit our website at  For more information about the Travis Hill Schools, please visit our website at


Effective: March 8, 2022

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